Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gratitude: A Key To Kids' Success

Are you grateful? Really, are you grateful?

I had a conversation recently... how do we really show our gratitude, how do we really want to show our gratitude?

I am asking that question to myself, all the time, lately.

I am wondering if I am the person who I really want to be. Am I the role model I want for my children. Am I "showing" them how to be grateful and why?

This holiday season, I often get caught up in the rush to get things done because there is so much I want to do. So much I want to do with my kids. So much because I am telling myself and I know that message is getting reinforced by the media, friends, and the environment in general, that in order to have a fun and meaningful Christmas I have to do these things.

By "doing" all these things, am I really being "grateful"?

As I have time to reflect and disconnect from the urgency of the holiday season, I realize I am missing something.

I am missing the time to sit and snuggle with my kiddos, I am missing the rest, comfort, love and joy by sitting with loved ones at night and watching the snow fall and listening to holiday music.
I am missing the quiet and calmness of being together.

I think sometimes I get so busy trying to express my gratitude, I loose the message in the gratitude.

How about you?