Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Consequences Are A Key To Kids' Success

I have been a little perturbed about the mud slinging that has been going on in the political arena.

One woman, Jenny, on Work It Mom took a stand and let herself be heard.

I generally don't respond to political posts. I separate what I believe is right for me and what may be right for others. I don't think I can make decisions for others, even though I find that ridiculously frustrating!! God gave me the ability to make my own choices and it isn't my place.

I do my best not to judge and try to see all sides. Now, obviously I believe there has to be laws in order to have a civilized community. When one person's rights overstep an others', is hurtful then steps need to be taken.

I believe we as individuals need to be held responsible for his/her own choices.

If Sarah Palin decides to work, be Governor then she has a responsibility to go back to work after three days, Just as a father (a president would have the responsibility to go return to office after the birth of a child (JFK).

If Sarah and Todd (her husband) have agreed on a way to raise their kids and her kids are thriving there should be nothing more said.

I think when people are giving the opportunity to be responsible for him/her self and have the fair access to resources to do so, gov't needs to be "laissez-faire".

I believe strongly when people are given accurate information when faced with a decision, they will decide justly.

I have worked with many people who have been incarcerated for hideous crimes and when they are given education, an opportunity to critically think and reason would not make the same choices they did before they were incarcerated.

I believe people, on whole are "good" and "kind". It is our personal responsibility to make choices every time that are good and kind. If each person did that, it would encourage those who may not have the info. or resources available to question his/her own choices just because the people around him/her are doing so... Actions speak very loudly!
I think when a person says... "I think I could sit down with her, be friends, and agree to disagree with her," is really important and a great point because if there is a person who disagrees with you (challenges you to be a better person yet respects your rights to have a different opinion) then that is a person I want in gov't.

I as a person and as a country, want myself and us to continue to grow; not out of jealousy, greed, and anger but out of respectful questioning, inquisitiveness, and debate.

I think if a candidate is personable, has the ability to relate to others, and would be considered a "friend, colleague, leader" that is saying a ton about her/his personhood.

So, how does this tie in with Kids' Keys To Success? Well, in a couple ways:

1. I believe all kids are good and given the opportunity and resources want to do good, be appreciated, and feel good about his/her self.

I believe kids have a greater opportunity to feel good about his/her self when they are given the opportunity to make a decision. I feel it is my responsibility to lead my kids.

By "lead", I mean, "walk the talk": offer choices to them (i.e. Bobbie wants to go outside with no coat but it is cold out, so as a mom Bobbie has two choices: 1. put coat on and go outside or 2. no coat no outside)

This works amazingly well in my home. Sometimes the kiddos want to know "why" for each choice so we go over these consequences too. I believe it puts the responsibility into the child's hands and then they can live with the positive/negative consequences.

2. Sarah Palin's choice to take on the role of Governor of Alaska and now as running mate for McCain; She is teaching some really important lessons not only to her own kids, but to ours as well. I am sure Sarah would be the first to admit, that there are both positives and negatives about her decision to be in politics.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What Makes Me Happy Is A Kids' Key To Success!

I was recently asked at a new networking site, "What makes me happy?"...

Here was my answer...

My daughter and I were talking last night at bed time (she is 4)...

Me: "Emmy are you proud of your self? I am really proud of you."

Emmy: "Yes, but why do you ask me this all the time?"

Me: "Becasue it is important that you are proud of yourself."

Emmy: "Why is it important?"

Me: "Because, God made you and you are really special. The best way to say thank you to God is to let your brilliance out and show it to the world. So, you can do lots of kind things for others. Doing kind things for others makes us really happy. And I want you to be happy."

Emmy: "Oh"

Me: "That is why it is important for you to be proud of your self...does that make sense?"

Emmy: "Yes, I like doing kind things, like God. I love you mommy."

Me: " I love you to buttercup!" Talks like that make me really happy!!