Thursday, September 25, 2008

No "Downing" This Down's Dad!

Kids' Keys Recently had an awesome opportunity to interview Martin Ramirez, not once but twice!! (we had a technical problem the first time which offered greater insight to us!)

I have learned so much from these interviews. Martin Ramirez is a humble, compassionate, and inspiring father. He shared how his son, Mario, born with Down Syndrome, became his mentor. Mario transformed his father’s life and will now change ours!

We know the statistics… *approximately 1 out of a 1000 children born will be diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Often when a parent is told his child is born with a chromosomal abnormality the picture of the family a parent once had is forever changed and is often viewed as challenging, mostly with struggles.

Martin, however, turns that assumption on it's head.“Mario’s world is ‘judge free’, stated Martin Ramirez, “He’s neutral, neither positive nor negative and has taught me the secrets to lead with your heart and not your head,” and now, Martin is teaching us through Mario’s voice.

Martin Ramirez, recently wrote Living It Up With Downs, How My Son Became My Mentor and is now offering motivational and personal coaching presentations.

Through his book, speaking engagements, and his every day practice Martin shares how Mario helps him (in turn helps us) to find purpose and the tools to living a fuller life.

With so many people talking about the trials and everyday struggles families face with Down Syndrome, Martin Ramirez redirects the focus from, “It’s not what you get,” to “It’s what you become” because every family has their own struggles and own "handicaps", so to speak.

Martin has taken his role as father to three boys with serious optimism. How many parents can say they live by example they teach?

Martin lives the way he wants his sons to live and often uses little gems like, “Make what ever you do - the product of your own conclusion," to remind his sons to build confidence and self-purpose.

Martin challenges everyone to face any challenge with enthusiasm and curiosity. He gives simple tips, learned from Mario, on how to get here, such as negotiating without a power struggle. To hear more about what this amazing father has to say, visit Kids’ Keys To Success.

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* Stats taken from September 12, 2008