Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mom Can Stay Home

Moms who work from home often say it is the best of both worlds...I love being home with my kids and contributing financially to my family.

Learn how one mom is doing this...Melissa Jennings from M Jennings Designs just won August's Spot Light Blogger on the Blog Train!

You can read more about her and the Blog Train Here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Building Independence Is A Kids' Key To Success

What is better than hearing, excitedly, about the first day of your child's independence and a new chapter in her life?

I feel so blessed to have this on video and the ability to share it with others!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Starting School Is A Kids' Key To Success

How many of you have sent your child off to school for the first time (new school, college, etc.)?

Can you see my hand stretched way up high?

And I have been a wreck! Not because my first born isn't ready, is scared, or doesn't want to go but just the opposite...she can't wait to go! I am morning the loss of my babe!

I have been told if she is excited, I did my job right but I can't help feeling a loss for her baby/toddler years. They are gone...

I know I need to buck up and look to the future because it holds some pretty awesome times and experiences, too. I also know, I did the best I could raising her thus far, and it seems good enough.

sigh...wipe...sigh....go get 'em!

What I hope She Learns In Kindergarten?
1. To Treat others as she would want to be treated;

2. Stick up for the kid(s) who is being picked on or ask for help and stand up for herself if she is being picked on;

3. Not to pick her nose or wedgie in public!

4. Learning to read would be good too!

What I Learned:
1. She can do more than I give her credit for;

2. She has a gift of bringing joy and love to others just for being her; and

3. I have done a pretty good job so far! (Don't pick your nose or bottom in public, Em!!)