Friday, December 19, 2008

Concerned Parents Are Keys To Success

Concerned Parents are encouraging their children to do more than just going to school and behaving for 6 hours. Concerned Parents realize public schools, especially, do not offer the depth of appreciation for the arts, music, and all subjects like we all would like.

I believe, public school teachers would love to offer our students more. I believe they are over burdened with "catch all" responsibilities. Responsibilities I think concerned parents would and should help alleviate through active participation in our students classrooms.

If more concerned parents were actively involved, the public school teachers would have more time to concentrate delivering more content rich material. I volunteer weekly in my daughter's classroom as well as my husband.

People may say, "you must not work?" That is so far from the truth. My husband works 45+ hours a week as a supervisor and goes to school part time. I work full time from home on my own business and together we have just started another business.

We are concerned parents who want our children to learn from our example. "If you want something changed... get in there and do it."

Productive, effective and efficient companies know and are built on the foundation that, "two heads are better than one." Some would complain that the current and upcoming educational cut backs are the reason, are to blame, and will be the "scapegoat" for further educational decay in our schools.

I beg to differ. I hope this impending educational crisis will jump start "concerned parents" into more participation in their child's school. The reason for poor school performances, for public school decay is our lack of participation by concerned parents.

If concerned parents stepped up, encouraged and even nudged other parents to participate along side them, we would be able to make our public schools the representations they should be for the "richest nation in the world".

Why do we allow ourselves to fall back and just point a finger. Budget cuts are not the issue with our schools, we, the parents are. Don't you want to take back the responsibility of raising your kids? I want my child's teacher's main concern to teach, not be the social worker, marketer, organizer, advocate, behavior specialist, etc.

I challenge all concerned parents for their News Years Resolution to volunteer and participate in your child's education. Don't allow others to raise your child. help others to teach your child.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Parenting With Love is a Kids' Key To Success

Parenting with love and patience, especially during this season can be really difficult. Although this season's purpose is to be joyous, my friends in the health field know that this time of year brings more stress, anxiety, negative news stories, and worry like no other. Parenting with chaos is more like it!

Parenting with love and patience can be last thing on a parents mind because we are all strapped for time. With holiday shopping, end of the year meeting and projects that need to be completed, the decorating, the cooking and baking, the school plays, recitals, concerts, etc. who has time to really focus on our families and kids? I know that is why everyone is doing so much, why everyone is trying to fit everything in.

Everyone I speak with has the greatest of intentions (we all are trying to parent with love) but the stress and the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect and have everything perfect can be too much for some - too much for most.

This past Sunday my daughter was involved with a play at our church called the Grouches
Of Christmas. Our paster has a outstanding way of getting a message across! Our Children's Sunday School director does too! If you have read or seen this play it is a must!

It is like the Part II of How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Suese. I absolutely loved it!!

I am so greatful to my church, especially Minister Pritchard and our Children's Director Dawn Wirth!

I hope everyone truly slows down, has a peaceul, spirit-filled season, and the all the energy to parenting with love and patience!

Check out this video to See our Church's redition of The Groches Of Christmas!