Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Young Parents Get Ideas

Young parents are never short of ideas. Young parents are innovative and creative with finding great ways to help thier chidren feel important and included at home.

Here are just a few ways parents can get things done at home and "entertain" the little ones too:

1. Ask your child to separate the clean laundry by each person in the family.

2. Task your child to find all the socks, match them up and then count by twos.

3. Assign a "dinner task" to your child. (something they can do to help prepare the meal. Something they can do to help out during the meal (like be in charge if a person needs more napkins) and a job to do after the meal (put all the condaments away).

4. While making dinner, if your child can't help. Tell them you need some encouragement and ask how many jumping jacks they can do in a minute. Then time them.

5. Task your child (ren) to run around the house and find all the loose change.

6. Task your kids to be a reporter and ask all the older adults about how they celebrated their holidays when they were little.

7. Ask your child to go through the holiday cards and count how many stamps/trees/birds/Santas/candles/etc. they can find.

8. Ask you child to plan a way they can help other people. List their ideas and see if you can do them together.

9. Give your kids a green/non-toxic cleaner mixed with water in a squirt bottle and some paper towels and ask them to go around and clean the windows. (My kids LOVE this!!)

10. Use a paper plate and create a clock with movable hands to talk about when you need to do things and when your family needs to be ready to go.

These tips for young parents can help your child feel important (the main motivation for all people) and included. In turn you will have some "help" around the house and minimize power struggles and strife during Christmas and the holiday break from school

2 comments: said...

These are some good parenting ideas. I think it's great getting them involved, and feeling important is a great motivator!

John said...

These are great ideas. I especially like the of the "dinner tasks." Kids love to help out and this will make them feel like they actually have a job.

I am a stay-at-home mom and I also earn money at home by putting together party favors. I love being a stay-at-home mom and I love working from home as well. I will definitely use some of the ideas listed here. Thanks!